Feedback is very important to most independent sellers and artists, well that was what I thought. I believe that we must satisfy our customers 100%. On January 28th, my boyfriend made a purchase to this person better known as Ms. Cadaver on Facebook and ms_cadaver on Instagram. Since my boyfriend had no response of her, he decided to open a dispute on PayPal, that was the only time she answered him, after few words, she told him that the item would be made to order, but she didn’t give him any status of the order. My boyfriend mistakenly closed the PayPal dispute, huge mistake. Once the dispute is closed, it can’t be reopen. Today on March 12, after many, many unresponsive emails and private messages, the seller Ms. Cadaver, not only gave any order status, but she has blocked us from her Facebook page. It is very rude and cowardly from her to do so. Not only she STOLE my boyfriend’s money, but apparently, she has been doing this with other buyers. Many have complaint that she doesn’t answer messages, unless an automatic response from Facebook, which is the same my boyfriend and I received. She immediately accepted the money, but she couldn’t send the item, nor the refund, not even answer messages. I write this because many of my followers and friends are into macabre art and must be VERY AWARE of this person. Blocking us from Facebook proof us that she did took advantage of us and stole our money.