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He decidido escribir notas personales para dar a conocer más sobre mi persona y llegar a más audiencia. Esta categoría de mi blog es totalmente en español para el beneficio de mis seguidores latinoamericanos que aun están ajenos o desconocen este tipo de arte. Mi meta es hacerles ver lo bonito de lo desconocido, la belleza tras la muerte y como algo macabro o mórbido puede ser transformado en algo hermoso.

Ms Cadaver Handcrafted Horror Accesories review (Beware of this “Artist”)

Feedback is very important to most independent sellers and artists, well that was what I thought. I believe that we must satisfy our customers 100%. On January 28th, my boyfriend made a purchase to this person better known as Ms. Cadaver on Facebook and ms_cadaver on Instagram. Since my boyfriend had no response of her, he decided to open a dispute on PayPal, that was the only time she answered him, after few words, she told him that the item would be made to order, but she didn’t give him any status of the order. My boyfriend mistakenly closed the PayPal dispute, huge mistake. Once the dispute is closed, it can’t be reopen. Today on March 12, after many, many unresponsive emails and private messages, the seller Ms. Cadaver, not only gave any order status, but she has blocked us from her Facebook page. It is very rude and cowardly from her to do so. Not only she STOLE my boyfriend’s money, but apparently, she has been doing this with other buyers. Many have complaint that she doesn’t answer messages, unless an automatic response from Facebook, which is the same my boyfriend and I received. She immediately accepted the money, but she couldn’t send the item, nor the refund, not even answer messages. I write this because many of my followers and friends are into macabre art and must be VERY AWARE of this person. Blocking us from Facebook proof us that she did took advantage of us and stole our money.




¿No pintas flamboyanes? ¿No tallas santos? Lo siento, tu no eres artista.

Mi visita a la Feria Artesanal de Barranquitas 2015

Cuando Macabro Conoce a Belleza

Cleaning and preserving

Tengo seis conejos en el congelador desde el comienzo de este año. Mi mamá está disgustada conmigo porque no ha podido comprar carne para comer, pues no hay cabida para ésta, ya que el congelador está lleno de animales muertos, lo cual es genial, pues no ha podido comer carne. jeje Así que ayer fue un dí sumamente ocupado. Preservé órganos, limpié cráneos y jarras de vidrio. También pegué dientes, Dios, odio pegar dientes. También hice prendas y accesorios.

“I had six rabbits in my freezer since the beginning of this year year. My mom was very mad at me, she couldn’t buy meat because the freezer was full of corpses. Hahaha Well, that was awesome, cuz she couldn’t eat meat, of course.

Yesterday was a busy day. I preserved wet specimens and, cleaned glass jars and skulls. Glued teeth to the skulls, God, I hate doing that. I also made some jewelry”.

Abrí una cuenta en Twitter dedicada a mis trabajos, mi arte y mi negocio. Creo que es una tremenda idea para interactuar y compartir. Mi nombre de usuario es @Rucas_Asylum ¿Cuál es el tuyo?

“I opened a twitter account for my business, I think is a nice way to interact & share. My Twitter user name is @Rucas_Asylum, tell me yours”.

¿Recuerdan la última paloma que mi hijo trajo a casa de la escuela? Bueno, ya sus partes están completamente momificadas y preservadas. Esta es la primera vez que preservo las partes de un ave, tomó bastante tiempo, pero estoy muy contenta con los resultados.

“Remember that last dove my kid brought home from school? Well, her body parts are finally preserved. These are my first bird’s body parts preserved. It took some time, but I like the results’.

Since 2009, Lobos of the Southwest (), has been at the forefront of efforts to save the lobo, organizing tirelessly to mobilize support and defend these rare and wonderful animals against a myriad of threats.

Since 2009, Lobos of the Southwest (, has been at the forefront of efforts to save the lobo, organizing tirelessly to mobilize support and defend these rare and wonderful animals against a myriad of threats.

However, Mexican gray wolves continue to face many challenges to their survival and recovery. The Mexican gray wolf is a critically endangered, native species that once numbered in the thousands of animals throughout southeastern Arizona, southern New Mexico, western Texas and northern Mexico. Its restoration is an opportunity to bring a natural balance and fully functioning ecosystem back to the wild lands of the Southwest. Read on to learn more about the lives of Mexican gray wolves, their tragic history and near-extinction, their role as a top-of-the-food-chain carnivore and their present constricted range.”

Please, take a look at and take action. Save the wolves, we are their voices and they’re counting on us.

Dead Stuff

Tengo un hijo maravilloso. La semana pasada encontró  en su escuela una paloma muerta y la trajo al hogar para mi. Esta mañana me trajo una tarántula muerta que encontró detrás del auto. Ambos pensamos que la mejor manera de darles respeto es ofrecerle una vida eterna, por lo que pronto estaré haciendo nuevos proyectos. También será mi primera vez preservando una tarántula.

“I have the most amazing kid. Last week he found a dead pigeon at school and brought it home for me. This morning he found a dead tarantula and brought it too. We think that the best way to give them respect is to offer them eternal life. So I’ll be making some new projects soon.

This is my first attempt preserving a tarantula”.

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