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No animals are killed for the purpose of creating my jewelry. I don’t kill, nor harmed any animal, would never hurt any sentient being. I DO NOT buy animal remains for my jewelry, art or crafts, all animal remains have been found dead.I am strongly against any animal abuse (trophy hunting, trapping, fur farms, factory farms, animal fights, puppy Mills or any other way of exploitation or animal abuse). My jewelry is cruelty free.

For my jewelry or art, I only use bones, body parts and fur from animals that were found dead, roadkill victims, died from natural causes, were killed by another animal or are stillborn. I live in a country, where there are almost no wild animals and if there were, they are hard to find. Most animals here are domestic ones, so, due to my limit resources of materials, my taxidermy and bone jewelry or art are always OOAK (one of a kind).

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Rabbit Skull

A present for my Mother in Law.💕🐰

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